Rural Bulgaria. Out of this world. Sensational. Breathless.
                    The Republic of Bulgaria owns one of the few climate systems on this world
that embraces mild snow season, bright spring, warm but not too spicy summer season and a refreshing autumn. This ecosystem is a prerequisite for the proliferation of the most full-bodied and fertile diversities of fruits, vegetables, herbs and nuts.
The entire flora, owned by The Republic of Bulgaria, is blessed with the most distinctive bouquet. All the fruits and vegetables are immensely delicious. Ninety percent of the land in Bulgaria is exclusively suitable for rude naturally gifted farming and manufacture.
The Rose Oil Otto of Bulgaria is the perpetual honorable owner of the tag best in this world. It crafts the quality requirements for all of the rose oil otto products on the entire planet. The finest rose oil Otto is obtained from the magical Rosa Damascena flower, exclusively grown in the Valley of Roses, a no place like other, most miraculously known as the world’s most suitable location, for the growth of this immensely capricious and gentle flower.
                    Exact location of mastership
                    At the heart of the Valley of Roses a magical place exists,
full of clean, fresh air, virgin soils, fabulous nature . . . surrounded by hazel, wal and other nut plants, a countless number of flowers, roses, lavender . . . . . .
                    The genesis of our products
                    We receive limited reserved only quantities of the crèmè de la crèmè quality
raw material from the most wild and unspoiled regions of the entire Republic. After receiving, we start the process of careful slow drying on early afternoons under direct sunlight, just to achieve the highest possible excellence. If some raindrops appear, the process starts all over again, until the brilliant drying and imbue of the nuts with the energy of the sun. After crashing the cores only the most beautiful and full - bodied whole nuts are being gently handpicked, for the individual order manufacturing of our most intensed native concentrated elixirs. The Rose Oil Otto in Water of Roses we carefully and uniquely create finds its origins from the most pristine Rosa Damascena flower only farmed from the place on Earth that this flower has found its true home, so far from its birthplace, still so much better, the most unique and miracuolus Valley of Roses And Thracian Kings. Generations of us give birth to our Rose Oil Otto in Water of Roses according to the oldest, 1200 BC Babylonian tradition, by distilling the astonishing colorful rose petals, and according to our local tradition - in a vat made of pure copper, in order for the complete fragrance of every petal of the Rosa Damascena flower to be preserved and retained. After this process finishes, the world`s highest valued rose oil otto remains in the Water of Roses, as it has been born on this world, entirely virgin, without any extraction to follow . Exactly this makes the product the highest valued native product on this world.
                    Social justice
                    We have decisively organized our undertaking in an area,
characterized by higher unemployment rates. By positioning our manufacturing base in the petite village, we inaugurate employment for the local companies and partners, use their products and services, thereby contributing to the increase in the standard of living of the entire compact community in the area. Our exciting work also helps to spread healthy living style among the public in this area, thereby appreciably increasing the quality of life and wellbeing - our primary value.
                    The marvels we bring onto this world are wholly unrefined and extremely instantly functioning, native concentrated, healthy and beneficial. They are considered as a beauty treasures, as their perpetual and reasonable use and application, depending on the individuality of every one of us, protects against a great number of disorders. The customer can heal or avoid a number of health issues together with the succeeding costs of medicines, treating in a sensational, naturally gifted manner, in line with his own personality. The inherited blessing of the rude products is that while they heal a certain condition or shield from such, they do not harm any other system or the entire body, unlike conventional. The forwarding of our masterpieces primly leads to the  wide spreading of the  goodish thriving lifestyle among the people, which in turn leads to fundamentally improved quality of life for our new beloved customers, respectively, their health, wellbeing and positive mindset.
                    A fairy tale
                    It was the summer of 2010.  Delicate irritations appeared on my
supremely gentle skin, exceptionally sensitive and dry, so dry that at some point I felt myself starting to experience a sudden rash. My private doctor’s instructions were to apply the most expensive conventional cosmetics.
                    Still, as a result, the rash became even stronger. A close friend of mine guided me to acquire wholesome oil and taste what will happen. So, funny as it is, I end up with a tiny bottle of native beauty in my hands .  .  .  . I have been reading  that  this very substance tends to be extremely tender to the skin. My immense astonishment came, when after just a few hours my skin reborn itself .  .  .  .  . Then, I thought,  the province of  Bulgaria, has all the stone fruits extraordinarily rude , and then , in the fullness of time, I took my end judgement to bring into being my very own company, and to spread the marvel of the native ingredients on this planet among the people. 
                    It is the foundational mission of ours, to inspire everyone to flourish and progress, and be blooming, alluring and in breathtaking physical and spiritual shape by allowing them the touch to the finest presents of the planet itself, exceptionally crafted and exclusively grown on these very real estates, ever since the Ancient Ages of the greatest Roman Empire itself.